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justin bieber motorcycle ducati 848 evo

justin-bieber-motorcycle-ducati-848-evoJustin just bought a limited edition Ducati motorcycle on the recommendation of Usher who has a black one. According to TMZ Justin spent $20,000 on a Ducati Superbike 848 EVO which was delivered to him yesterday (April 19, 2012). The Biebz picked out the arctic white silk model at an LA dealership a couple of days ago when he almost ran over a paparazzi. Apparently JB doesn’t even have a motorcycle license yet, but he’s working on it. #badass. Be careful Justy!


Another day another new car for the Biebz. This time it’s a Mercedes Smart Car. He took the “Smart” out of the emblem and changed it to “Swag”. And thanks everyone for letting me know it was a Smart car. I thought it was a Toyota. lol


justin bieber’s car toyota 2012

Justin Bieber was spotted coming out of a Ducati motorcycle dealership today in Los Angeles and he accidently almost ran over a paparazzi! And what kind of car is he driving? A Toyota something. Never seen that car before.

justin bieber range rover project khan

JUSTIN Bieber has splashed out more than £100,000 (= $160,000 US/CAN) on a “Project Kahn” customised Range Rover, hand-finished in Bradford, UK.

The teen star is getting the Ranger Rover shipped out to Los Angeles to add to his expanding fleet of supercars.

A source said: “Justin loves his motors even though he’s barely old enough to drive. His girlfriend Selena Gomez will be well impressed with his latest. It’s the business.

The Project Kahn is devoted to turning out top-end cars. Other cutomers include Wayne Rooney and Katie Price.

Justin won’t want to broadcast the last name to his mates. His car has a Cosworth engine, customised paint job and leather interior, plus a sound system worth £50,000 ($80,000 US/CAN).


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