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Love Charice. Such a soulful singer. On December 2 Charice held a concert in the Philippines called “Christmas with Charice” and among the songs that she performed was a cover of Mistletoe and she sounded great.

She really blew me away last Christmas at the 2010 Jingle Ball when she performed “Jingle Bell Rock”. Simply AMAZING!

Also watch: Charice records cover of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”


Just hours after her episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” aired, Charice sat down and taped her own cover of Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” The two appeared on the show on Tuesday, and just a day later Charice admitted that she’s got Bieber fever.

“I just did that this morning,” she told MTV News on Wednesday (May 12), just a day after her self-titled debut album hit stores. “And it was because I love ‘Baby,’ it’s really a catchy song. I actually love covering some songs, but I think that’s the best song I sang so far, ’cause that’s my favorite song from Justin Bieber. I’m a fan. I love the story of his life. I love his attitude. I met him and he was really, really nice. I got the Bieber fever.”


She’s awesome! and so cute.