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I can’t see this video at all because they blocked it in Canada! Arggghhhh! Why? They never used to. And they air Chelsea here too. I bet this is an awesome interview too cuz Chelsea Handler is hilarious. 🙁

For anyone who can’t watch the interview above then you can watch the last time he was on Chelsea Lately on Feb 14, 2011. Yes, the same day he bought Selena a truckload of flowers. Or was it 2 truckloads?

UPDATE: Here’s the video for those who can’t watch the one above. Thanks vanlouisbel!


Chelsea: “Do you do all your own tweets?”
Justin: “I do”.
Chelsea” “Well then so do I”

Why would Chelsea ask that question?

Shhhhh…. Here’s a secret. Justin actually doesn’t do all his own tweets. I found this out accidently last year. Read: Justin Bieber is not the only person behind his tweets