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Justin Bieber thinks Simon Cowell made a wrong decision in dropping Cheryl Cole from the judging panel of ‘The X Factor’ and has slammed Simon Cowell for sacking Cheryl Cole from the US ‘X Factor’.

The British beauty was dismissed from the judging panel of the show after just four auditions and the teenage singing sensation thinks the music mogul made the wrong decision but can now make it up to his former friend by helping her with her career Stateside.

Justin said:

“Simon is ‘the man’ and all his shows are awesome, but America seems to think the show got it wrong sacking Cheryl. She went down very well, but anybody who knows Cheryl knew she would. She’s made it up with Simon as he can still help her a lot over there.”

Justin – who is dating Selena Gomez – also believes Cheryl will have no problems finding a new boyfriend in the US.

He added to closer magazine:

“She has a long list of admirers in the US. If she’s ready to date again, she can have the pick of the guys in Hollywood.”

Cheryl was replaced on the US ‘X Factor’ panel by Nicole Scherzinger.



For months he’s been dreaming of Cheryl Cole – and it seems Justin Bieber’s wildest fantasies could be about to come true.

Yep, he’s moved one step closer to working on the Girls Aloud star’s highly anticipated new album.

I can reveal Chezza’s US management have started talks with Scooter Braun, who catapulted Justin, 17, to stardom.


Justin Bieber hangs with Cheryl Cole

And Justin’s mentor Usher and Cheryl’s manager Will.i.am have, of course, already worked together. So what are they waiting for? I’m told: “Cheryl is beyond excited about her new album and Bieber’s team are deep in talks with her’s to make a hit. They already see Cheryl and Will.i.am as part of the family. Will’s got a vision for her album, and now the biggest and the best names are keen to be part of it.

“Usher and Will got together to make O.M.G – just think what they could do with their proteges.”

After seeing his latest 3D movie, Cheryl, 28, tweeted:

“I know I’m a bit late in the day but I have just watched @justinbieber Never Say Never. It just confirmed everything I always thought.. This kid was born a star!! @scooterbraun I salute you.”



Justin Bieber thought that Cheryl Cole‘s rented apartment in Los Angeles is “in the wrong part of LA”. The “Baby” hitmaker claimed that he knew some splendid pads in Los Angeles, thus he was quite confident when saying he could show Cheryl a much better place to live in.

The heartthrob singer said, “She needs to get out of her rented place and buy a great place in LA. She needs help.” He dished, “I saw the place she was renting in a magazine and she is in the wrong part of LA for sure. I have a place in LA and so many of my buddies have great places.”

Justin is adamant that he will make a good choice for Cheryl as he said, “I can help show her round the properties in the best and coolest areas. Where I really want to show her is in the Hills.” And the he added, “Zac Efron and Mick Jagger live there and we can go and see how great their places are. I am sure that will sell it to Cheryl.”



I think this is an AWESOME Performance!
The lighting, staging, dancing, timing, wardrobe, etc. Everything was amazing!

Am I the only one who thinks this? Justin Bieber is an amazing performer, but this One just stood out.