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A reader just sent this in. It’s an interview on Chilean TV. You won’t understand anything cuz it’s all in Spanish but @ 1:37 into the video, when asked what are his future plans, Justin tells the interviewer that he’s doing another movie. YAY!



Justin Bieber has lashed out at members of the paparazzi trailing him in Chile after they allegedly attacked his car.

The Baby hitmaker is furious following an ugly encounter with local photographers on Friday (14Oct11), a day before his concert in Santiago.

In a series of angry posts on Twitter.com, Bieber writes,

“dear paps…i walk by you very calm and then some of u decide to kick and punch the car we are in….show respect you get respect in life… some paps are real cool and chill. i dont feel crazy talking to them. it is cool. acting like a maniac…yeah i love talking with u. really?”

Bieber’s tour across South America has been quite a drama-packed trek – he had to beg fans in Argentina not to break into his hotel room after crowds of devotees were filmed attempting to storm the building he was staying in earlier this week (begs10Oct11). Police were called to the scene in Buenos Aires to help keep the screaming teens under control.



At 10AM earlier this morning Chilean Beliebers congregated outside the Hotel W in Santiago to welcome the Biebz but unfortunately it doesn’t look like JB was anywhere in sight. So don’t worry, Justin wasn’t attacked. Chile loves their Bieber. 🙂 The concert is tomorrow night.

justin bieber buenos aires argentina

South America has Bieber Fever!

Justin’s Argentina concert in Buenos Aires went on sale this morning and completely sold out in less than 30 minutes. The October 12 concert to be held at the River Plate Stadium sold over 15,000 tickets.

I’m not surprised because Justin is even bigger in South America than he is in North America. In fact I don’t think Canada or the USA are even in the top 3 countries in terms of Justin’s biggest fans. The top 3 countries with the biggest Beliebers are Australia, Philippines, and Brazil with Brazil being the biggest support for JB. Brazil’s concert dates have not been announced yet but I think it’s safe to say that when they do go on sale all concerts in Brazil will be sold out guaranteed.

Listed below are the official South American concert dates so far:

09.30.11 Monterrey, Mexico – Arena Monterrey
10.01.11 Mexico City, Mexico – Foro Sol
10.12.11 Buenos Aires, Argentina – River Plate Stadium
10.15.11 Santiago, Chile – Estadio Nacional


justin bieber my world tour 2011

Justin just officially announced his South American leg of the “My World Tour” starting this October.

This shouldn’t be a surprise because I have posted this information before (I’m pretty sure I did). Bookmark this post and I’ll try and update it tonight with the dates that have been announced for Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile (or as soon as I find it.)