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justin-bieber-jet-set-nightclub-argentina-03Justin Bieber clubbing at Jet Set last night in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

justin bieber jet set domincan republic


He really loves clubbing! Justin was spotted at a night club last night in the Dominican Republic called Jet Set. You can see from the video below that a fight broke out and Justin was right in the middle of it. I’m not sure what was happening but I hope he is not hurt.

According to a witness, some of the JB’s fans got into it with Justin’s security, which led to a brawl. Several tables were broken inside the club, but no one was injured according to the witness.


justin-bieber-dominican-republic-jetset-nightclub-02justin-bieber-dominican-republic-jetset-nightclub-03 justin-bieber-dominican-republic-jetset-nightclub-05justin-bieber-dominican-republic-jetset-nightclub-04Gisselle-Cedeño-justin-bieber-jet-set

Justin with the owner of Jet Set.

justin bieber hands 2013 nox houston texas


This post should have been titled “I’m just a white boy from Canadian” because that’s all I can remember of him saying while watching these videos. ahahahah.

Justin hit up NOx last night in Houston, Texas with Floyd Mayweather and it looks like he had a great time.

(click for more pics from NOx)