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justinbieber fame2 comicbook 2011

Justin Bieber: Fame comic must have been really popular because Bluewater is coming out with Fame #2.

Bluewater says the upcoming Bieber comic book sequel will go deeper into the Biebster file and will include the revelation of his relationship with actress Selena Gomez.

“The last book had an informative focus. With this book I hope to dig into his persona. He is an icon, but can he maintain that status?” says author Tara Broeckel in a release.

The sequel will be a traditional 32-page book, as opposed to the expanded offering still available exclusively at Wal-Mart. It will retail for $3.99 and set for release in July 2011.

justin bieber comic
justin bieber comic

Will Justin Bieber the comic book character become more popular than Spider-Man and Batman? 

“Fame: Justin Bieber” from Bluewater Productions has just sold out, and a new graphic novel on the teen singing idol, “Fame: Justin Bieber: The Graphic Novel,” has just been announced for March. The graphic novel will reprint the original comic book plus include bonus materials. “Fame: Justin Bieber” will not be available outside the new graphic novel.

The book, written by Tara Broeckel Ooten and illustrated by Claudio Avella, will feature a new cover by Francesco Crisci. It follows Bieber’s rise to fame from a musical childhood in Ontario to international superstardom.

Other upcoming “Fame” offerings are “Fame: The Cast of Glee” & “Fame: Lady Gaga: The Sequel,” both hitting stands in the next few weeks, and “Beyonce” & NASCAR’s “Danica Patrick” in January.


Is that a mop-haired Harry Potter with his scarf blowing in the breeze. Nope, it’s Justin Bieber, wearing skinny jeans on the face of the moon. Duh.

Bieber is the latest celebrity to get the comic book treatment from Bluewater Productions’ omnipresent “Fame” series, and though the otherworldly cover might have you thinking superhero, rest assured it’s biographical just like the rest of them. (A cartoon of Canadian public housing wouldn’t really lend itself to the medium.)

Out Oct. 20, Bieber’s “Fame” makes multiple comparisons between the teen pop star and The Beatles and follows his story from childhood, to the YouTube years (months?) and through to his first headlining tour. It’s not like they really had a lot to go on.

In a press release, Bluewater president Darren G. Davis seemed quite excited about the book, saying “One of the goals is trying to get kids away from the video games and reading more.”

You know… that and making money.

Bieber’s not the first or the last celebrity to get the “Fame” treatment. Upcoming titles include the abdominal histories of both Taylor Lautner and David Beckham.


A lawyer working for Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga has threatened legal action against comic book creators over a series of unauthorized cartoon strips.

The Poker Face hitmaker and teen sensation Bieber have both been animated as part of a series of graphic biographies by Bluewater Productions. The Gaga version was released in June and the Baby singer’s comic is due to come out next month.

But the pair’s attorney Kenneth Feinswog is seeking to block the publications – he has served the company with a cease-and-desist letter, threatening to sue Bluewater bosses if the books aren’t pulled.

Publisher Darren G. Davis is refusing to bow under pressure – and insists his animators are well within their rights to create comic strips from celebrities’ lives.

He says, “We are 100 per cent within our first amendment rights. We knew our rights on this before we jumped into the biography world. These are 100 per cent biographies on their lives.

“We reach out to all the celebrities and some choose to work with us and some do not. If they do choose to work with us, we donate ads and money to a non-profit (organization) of their choice. We offered the same deal to Bieber’s people.”

Taylor Swift and soccer star David Beckham have already had comic characters created in their image by Bluewater staff.