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justin bieber domican republic concert 2013

Cool! This is pretty much the full Believe concert in the Dominican Republic the other day. Thank you to the person who took such great videos. It’s almost like you’re there.

If you want you can click the playlist (after you start the video first) and choose which song you want to watch. They’re all great.

justin bieber 2012 mexico june concert

This program was recorded from the free concert Justin held in Mexico City back on June 11, 2012. Click here to watch the rest of the program.

video justin bieber norway concert may 2012

All streaming / filming was interrupted by Universal Musics guards due to rights, thats why the cameras was put to the ground before last song.

25,000 crazy teenage girls (and a few fanboys) filled the roof at Oslo`s opera
Oslo has been a complete chaos during Biebers stay in Norway…
Some of the fans have been waiting for at least 12 hours without food and water to see Justin Bieber..

Song 1 “Baby”
Song 2 “All Around The World”
Song 3 “As Long As You Love Me”
Song 4 “Be Alright”
Song 5 “Never Let You Go”
Song 6 “Never Say Never”
Song 7 “Boyfriend”

Last Song “Boyfriend was not recorded.”
Sorry for bad sound…


justin bieber brazil full concert 2011


If you can’t go to Justin’s concert in South America then you’re in for a treat. I found a video of his full concert in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I’m not sure but it looks like a TV program from Brazil that aired Justin’s full concert in Porto Alegre. Make some popcorn and enjoy 🙂

PS. And those of you who are here looking for a sexy JB pic just hang on for a sec. It’s coming 😉



How about a comparison of then and now?

Thanks JDBieberNations