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The surprise appearance of teenage pop star Justin Bieber at her school Tuesday filled her with overwhelming glee.
“This is the best thing that’s happened to our school,” said Secaida, at 15 year old fan of Justin Bieber.

Northview High School recently won the “Principal for a Day” contest, organized by radio station Power 106. The school with the most votes after four weeks would get a visit from Bieber.

As soon as the competition started in January, Secaida said she and her friends mobilized. They sent out mass text messages reminding people to vote. They used social networking sites such as Twitter and distributed old-fashioned fliers.

And it worked. Of nearly half a million votes from 40 schools, Northview High pulled in 56 percent of them, said Junior Moreno, event coordinator for the radio station. The school knew that it had won the contest but didn’t know exactly when Bieber would appear, students said.

Principal Mark Sims said radio station organizers scouted out the school last week. He received word a few days ago about Bieber’s arrival, he said. Then, Tuesday morning, Bieber appeared, to the delight of many students.

The students “deserve something positive and this was positive for the kids and the school,” Sims said.

As part of his administrative duties, Bieber made a schoolwide address over the PA system and visited a couple classrooms for pictures, school officials said.

He also gave a 20-minute concert in the school courtyard in front of a swath of excited fans.

When Bieber appeared in her yearbook class shortly before noon, sophomore Ashley Medina, 15, could muster only one type of reaction. “I was screaming,” said the 15-year old, as she clutched her digital camera with pictures of her and the pop star.

And yes, the boys howled too.

“Everyone was screaming,” she said.

Bieber was discovered by record company executives after posting singing competition videos on the YouTube Web site.

His debut album, My World, was released in November.


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Pre-order your copy of Justin Bieber “My Words Australian Edition” (released April 23rd) from either JB Hifi, Sanity or Getmusic and you’ll go into the draw to be one of 5 winners who get to play Xbox with Justin in Sydney.


Celebuzz is holding a contest and the prizes are amazing!

It says you have to be at least 13 (unless you get your parents permission). The contest is open to Americas only and the last day to enter is Dec 15. Go here to enter. The rules are here.

  • Grand Prize: A Justin Bieber signed guitar (ephiphone dr 100 – natural color)
  • First Place Prizes:  three (3) winners, each will receive a Justin Bieber Under the Mistletoe Ultimate Gift Pack
  • Runner Up Prizes:  thirteen (13) winners, each will receive a signed Justin Bieber Under the Mistletoe CD

Can you imagine being in a real commercial? How about being in one that JB will be in? Now here’s your chance, if you are in the Los Angeles area.

I just got an email from Proactiv today. They are filming Proactiv’s new commercial in Los Angeles with Justin and they are looking for someone (Beliebers!) to be on it. I think the best thing to do is post the email on here because it has all the information:

Justin is one of our spokespeople and we were reaching out to Justin Bieber fans in the Los Angeles area who also uses Proactiv and who want to audition to be a Proactiv testimonial. They might have a chance to be featured on TV or on the Proactiv YouTube channel (maybe even cut into the same commercial Justin is in!)

I know the date is approaching quickly but wanted to see if you would be interested in spreading the word to all of your Justin fans? We would need all submissions by this Sunday, October 23rd by 6PM PST. The person has to be a US citizen and in or near Los Angeles.

• Uses Proactiv
• Living in or near Los Angeles, CA
• Available for filming (to tell us their Proactiv story) in Los Angeles, CA

Submissions should be sent to tamra.skincare@gmail.com.

So if you want to be featured in the commerical send your submissions to the email above by Sunday 6pm.

In your submission you should tell them briefly how Proactiv has worked for you, how it has changed your outlook on life (or something like that – look at the video below), and maybe include some pictures of yourself before and after. (Who hasn’t sat through an hour of Proactiv infomercials before?)

Proactiv is going to provide us with some of their products which we’ll use for a contest.

justin bieber under the mistletoe contest

Contest starts in  -it’s starting NOW! Go to the fan page..

We’re about to hold another contest for a copy of Justin’s new album in a couple of hours.

The first contest went great. I thought it would take about 15-30 minutes to get a winner but it took less than 1 minute! Claudette Blake won in lightning speed. The first contest was held during the time when most people in Canada, USA and Mexico were asleep so to be fair I’m going to hold another one in 2 hours on our Facebook fan page.

I’m going to ask quiz questions about JB and be the first person to get the correct answer and you get 1 point. The first person to get 2 points wins a copy of “Under The Mistletoe”. There will be 1 question every minute until someone wins so make sure to reload the page fast to see the new questions. And please like the first correct answer of each question so we can all agree that they have the correct answer.

Contest will start in less than 2 hours at 5pm Los Angeles/Vancouver time or 8PM NYC/Toronto time. (about 1 hour 30 minutes from now)

Please “like” this post so we can get an idea of how many people will be playing this time.  And remember to like the fan page (it’s where all the rumors, gossip, and contests happens).

Read more about the first contest here


justin bieber under the mistletoe cover

New contest in happening very soon here.

I”m holding a surprise contest at midnight Vancouver/Los Angeles Time. Thats about an hour and a half from now.

This is now the contest works:

I’ll ask questions about Justin on the Facebook fan page and the first person to get it right gets 1 point. If you think someone got it right “like” their answer so we can all agree it’s right. First person to 2 points gets a copy of Justin’s Christmas album “Under The Mistletoe”.

There’s not many of you but we’ll know about how many soon. Go to the fan page and read the previous post (and “like” it so we all get an idea of how many is playing).

That’s it. And please share or retweet this to your followers.

ps. Please help me out to make it easier for me. If you know any good Bieber quiz questions submit it in the contact form. If I ask you question then at least you’ll know it!


The moment has finally arrived – Justin Bieber has arrived on Australian Shores for his first ever national tour!

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