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justin bieber believe album cover art

Here it is. The cover for BELIEVE.

justin bieber believe deluxe album cover


Last week (while I was away) Justin had a vote to see which cover fans like most for his new single “Boyfriend”. Either the one on the right or the left below. You vote on Twitter by using the hashtag #JBboyfriend1 or #JBboyfriend2:

The picture of Justin running his fingers through his hair (aka #JBboyfriend1) scored the most votes. However, it was so close that the other image (aka #JBoyfriend2 on the right) will also be used for promotions.

Justin decided not only to use the first picture but also chose a cover art made by a fan:

“But it was so close that … We are still going to use #JBboyfriend2 for press and even took one of the FAN MADE submissions and have decided that … we are going to sell an exclusive #BOYFRIEND fan single package in WALMART and the cover will be the one U the fans made!”

He continued,

“So here it is … the cover of the Walmart #BOYFRIEND SINGLE COVER … made by U the fans! thank u! This is OUR ALBUM!”

The fan cover combines both #JBboyfriend1 and #JBboyfriend2. Fans will be able to get their hands on the single on March 26. What do you think of the Walmart cover art?