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This is an example of why I don’t post every Justin Bieber story out here on this site:


Alright kiddies, get excited.  HOLLYWIRE.COM can exclusively let you know about a red-hot JUSTIN BIEBER rumor.  We’re hearing rumblings that uber-cute Bieber will be heading to PUBLIC high school next year!  THOUSAND OAKS High School to be exact — in Thousand Oaks, California.

Sources close to the school have confirmed the information to Hollywire.
Additionally, Mike Kelly, a counselor at Thousand Oaks High School commented to HOLLYWIRE on the Bieber rumor, saying:
‘I’ve heard the rumor, but that is all I know right now….’
Hmmmm.  Interesting.

Ummmm….no. Not really interested. The only thing “EXCLUSIVE” about this type of news is that it gets excluded from JBShrine.

Having researched everyday for Justin Bieber news, I often see crap news like this where websites publish stupid rumors in the name of Justin Bieber just to get more visitors to their site. This is a perfect example.

Whoever believes that JB is going to go to a public school is delusional. He has way too much commitments to attend public school everyday while his career is taking off and it wouldn’t be safe for him unless he has 5 body guards with him all the time at school. Did you see those girls in New Zealand? Plus he would never relocate to California and move away from Usher anyway.

You won’t see crap news like this on JBShrine. Just wanted to give you guys an example of why I don’t post everything I see about JB. Hollywire is now on my blacklist.