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If you thought it would be cool to trade lives with a superstar like Miley Cyrus or  Justin Bieber before, just wait till you get a load of this: According to People.com, the pop superstars are two of the richest teens in Hollywood! Justin, 17, made a reported $53 million this past year — mostly from his movie, Never Say Never, and his fragrance, “Someday” — while Miley, 18, earned $48 million last year from touring alone!

See who else made this incredible list:

  • Taylor Lautner: A source reveals that Taylor, 19, earned $8.5 million for the final two installments in the Twilight saga and was paid $7.5 million for this upcoming action-thrilled, Abduction!
  • Dakota & Elle Fanning: The sisters’ most recent movies earned them each a pretty penny — Dakota, 17, got $4 million for Breaking Dawn, while 13-year-old Elle got $1.5 million for Super 8.
  • Angus T. Jones: The Two and a Half Men star’s current contract is worth an incredible $7.8 million, as he makes $300,000 per episode!
  • Nick Jonas: He’s not just the hunkiest JoBro — he’s also the richest! Nick’s reported earnings last year totaled $12.5 million.
  • Jaden & Willow Smith: Between music and movies, Will Smith‘s kids are blowing up! Jaden, 13, raked in $5 million in 2010 (with $3 million from The Karate Kid) while 10-year-old Willow’s budding music career (including her hit single “Whip My Hair”) earned her an estimated $4 million.
  • Selena Gomez: Justin’s lady friend made $5.5 million last year. Not too shabby!


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