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Demi Lovato has said before that she wanted to collaborate with Justin on a song but when asked the other day after the finale of X-Factor about the collaboration she says she doesn’t want to do a collab with Justin anymore. Awww how come? What direction does she want to go?

Maybe she’s heading in the “Justin and Selena broke up so I don’t want to make Selena mad” direction.

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The Disney Channel is in hot water this weekend, following a joke made on one of its shows. According to Justin Bieber fans, the network is “pathetic” for allowing cast to say a girl looks like the “Never Say Never” and “Baby” singer on ‘Jessie’.

“Disney used to tell kids how beautiful they are and now they make fun of eating disorders and bigger celebs, Disney Is Pathetic,” a top tweet on Twitter read Saturday.

According to fans, who made “Disney is Pathetic” a trending topic, followed by “We Support Justin” Saturday, comparing a girl to Justin Bieber  equates to calling him a girl. What they said exactly was quote: “Maybe it’s the girl downstairs. She looks exactly like Justin Bieber”.

“Dear Disney, Justin is not a ‘her’ and Demi is beautiful and worth much more than your channel. Stop being jealous. Disney Is Pathetic,” a fan wrote.

As widely reported, Demi Lovato was offended in December when a character told a joke on ‘Shake It Up’ about ‘not eating’ following her very publicized battle with an eating disorder.

Lovato said via Twitter in December

“I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actress’ from the pressures of an EATING DISORDER and yet still make joke about that very disease….. #nice,”

Fans say Disney is “pathetic” now for both incidents and will loose viewers.

“Disney Is Pathetic, they have advertisements “Stop Bullying” then make jokes about eating disorders & Justin Bieber’s Gender. #hypocrites,” read another tweet.

The Disney Channel pulled the episode that offended Demi Lovato. At this point, it is unclear if they’ll pull this particular episode referencing Justin Bieber.

Bieber however, seems to be in support of his fans, telling them he appreciates them. Bieber said following the trending “We Support Justin” and “Disney Is Pathetic” hashtags:

“:) im very lucky to have all of u. i support you too,”


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Selena brought Justin to Demi Lavato’s concert at the Nokia Theater in Los Vegas on Friday night. She sat on his lap and then got up and takes him backstage. For a kiss! lol. How cute. Yes I’m sorry but Jelena are growing on me. All I want to see is that she’s in love with him and each day I become more of a believer. You too?


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Here’s a candid video clip taken at the 2011 MTV VMAs of Justin hanging out with Selena. If you look carefully you can read her lips. She’s telling Justin that Demi Lovato just told her “Your boyfriend just attacked me with a snake!!” haha



The four besties were so excited to be hanging out together that they were all jumping up and down and walked out of the film early, multiple sources confirm to HollywwodLife.com!

What a dose of star power! After Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had their Victoria’s Secret mall date they met up with Selena’s renewed BFF Demi Lovato and Justin’s friend Chris Brown for a midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides at ArcLight theaters in Sherman Oaks, California. We spoke to four eyewitnesses who all confirmed they saw the gaggle of celebrity friends. “They left the movie before it ended, and were so amped up to be hanging out they kept jumping up and down,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com. [continue reading…]


M article about teen icon Justin Bieber possibly bringing together Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift + Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez’s shattered friendships. Do YOU think he can bring them back together or are they completely broken?

Can Justin Bieber Rejoin Maylor & Delena?

Can Justin Bieber Rejoin Maylor & Delena?