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selena gomez j diamond ring

Rumor fix time….

Obviously JB would give Selena something really special for Valentines Day but whatever it is it is definitely NOT the diamond J-ring you see above.

Some websites are now reporting that Justin gave Selena Gomez a diamond J-Ring just in time for Valentines Day. So not true. If you’re a regular reader of JBShrine you would already know that this is not true because I had already reported that Justin gave her the diamond J-ring to replace her purity ring A MONTH AGO.

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Justin Bieber gave Selena Gomez her first diamond bracelet

OMG! An insider tells us Justin is so in love with Selena, he gave the Disney starlet her first ever diamond…can you believe it?

Justin Bieber may be younger than Selena Gomez, but he’s doing everything in his power to win her heart. He knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so he went all out with her Christmas gift!

“It’s not an engagement ring, but it’s a diamond bracelet to signify that she is his,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com of the lavish Christmas gift Justin, 16, gave to his 18-year-old sweetheart.

Our source adds, “They’re totally together. They’re attached at the hip. You can’t keep these two apart. She was so touched and taken aback. But, she loved it. It’s the first diamond that anyone has ever given her. He wanted to take their relationship to the next level. He’s really smitten with her. They connect on so many levels.”

Despite their busy work schedules, Selena and Justin have made time for each other all over the country, and New Year’s Eve won’t be any exception! Our insider says Justin is spending the holiday with his family, but that Selena will be with him for their midnight kiss.

Will Justin and Selena be the hottest couple of 2011?


Of all things he bought her a diamond bracelet? Hmmmm….let me guess, it’s supposed to replace her purity ring that she no longer wears?

Booyah!! Told y’all but you didn’t believe me.