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The final stretch of the Believe Tour down under.

I like his videos. Gives you an inside look at how it’s like to be on the road with JB.




Remember this masterpiece that Justin painted on a graffiti wall in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil yesterday? You can see it below. It’s the red one right in the middle. Cute ain’t it?

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As of yesterday Instagram offered a new service. They now allow you to upload up to 15 seconds of videos and Justin seems very excited about that news. He posted his first video, shirtless, telling us about it…

Aww that smile is soooo cute!

Check out Justin’s Instagram here for more videos.


Justin Bieber with Alex Moore at his 18th Birthday Party

Justin Bieber with DJ Tay James at his 18th Birthday Party

Samantha Droke, Carly Rae Jepsen & Ashley Tisdale at JB's 18th Birthday

See? I told you guys Ashley Tisdale will be at Justin’s birthday party tonight 😉


Awesome. Download it here.

justin bieber dj tay james

Justin rehearsing for the ITV special in London UK.