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A Canadian company is taking the concept to a new level selling cloned sample copies of the pop star’s DNA in necklace pendants.

Celebrity Gene obtained and extracted the DNA from a piece of Justin’s hair and will begin selling the pendants at the end of May on their website – with the cloned copies retailing for about $120 Canadian, and the original strand will sell for big bucks sometime in the future.

“We wanted to make this item so that all tweens can afford one and always carry around Justin,” said head DNA scientist at Celebrity Gene, Ryan Lehto.

“We obtained his hair DNA due to popular demand and because we like that he is Canadian and how he went from YouTube to an international superstar!”

Each DNA pendant will come with a silver box chain and a certificate of authenticity.

Celebrity Gene currently sells DNA pendants from other famous icons such as Mozart, Elvis Presley, George Washington and Mickey Mantle.