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Drew Ryniewicz had the time of her life performing with Justin Bieber on the Dec. 22 finale of The X Factor. In fact, she told HollywoodLife.com that she screwed up her lines during rehearsal on purpose just to spend more time with the Biebs on stage!

“Hmm, what’s the word … Santa Claus is coming to Earth?” she recalled about shooting the pre-taped segment with Justin. “Nope sorry, messed it up again. Let’s do it again! We need to do the hugging part again!”

We think that was really cute of Drew to do — though it’s also pretty awkward if the rumors are true about Selena being in the building while Justin filmed his big performance.

As you all know, Drew’s a long-time Belieber. Justin even tweeted his support to Drew after she was eliminated from the show!

“Keep your head up,” Justin tweeted. “I lost my first competition too. This is just the beginning for u. Never say never. Best Wishes.”

drewryniewicz justin bieber

Fifteen year-old Drew Ryniewicz was surprisingly eliminated from “The X Factor” yesterday night. Her mentor Simon Cowell voted for her to stay over Marcus Canty, but the other three judges voted Drew out. She took it very hard, crying audibly as the show ended.

Drew took to Twitter, though, and has expressed her gratitude:

“Hey thank you for your love! I’ll miss the xfactor but have a lot more in stor for you all! Upbeat? Yes.”

But in very exciting news (because Drew is a huge fan), guess who tweeted back at her? Justin Bieber himself. The Biebs says:

“@drewryniewicz keep your head up. I lost my first competition too. this is just the beginning for u. never say never. best wishes.”

What a nice young man that Bieber is.


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