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justin bieber and selena gomez shopping 2012

After coming back from Cabo, Mexico Justin decided to change his hair once again. From his appearance at the CES in Las Vegas it looked like his signature Swoosh/The Bieber Hair Flip style was back but it appears to be a one time thing as pictures taken while he was doing some shopping with Selena yesterday shows that his hair is not only darker, but shows a new and more mature style.

Justin Bieber's new hair color seems darker on Jan 14, 2012 in Encino, California

Whether it’s dyed or not I cannot tell for sure. It could just be that some people’s hair gets darker as they grow older or maybe JB dyed it darker to go with the more mature hairstyle. But the change in color was kinda big for such a short amount of time so I think it is likely dyed.

And Justin, put the alcohol down. #badass lol

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