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A Sydney teenager has pleaded guilty to egging Canadian popstar Justin Bieber during his Sydney concert in April.

The 17 year old climbed into the roof of Acer Arena and threw a hail of eggs onto the stage, narrowly missing the singer.

The stunt earned him hero status on Facebook, but he was feeling far from a champion outside court today.

He’s admitted to damaging property and breaking into the stadium, and will be sentenced in three weeks.



NOT everyone was impressed with the Bieber Fever that swept Sydney when the Canadian pop star arrived for his long-awaited concert last week.

A Bondi Junction teenager has been charged by police after he allegedly broke into the roof of Acer Arena to throw eggs at Justin Bieber during his performance on Friday night.

A number of eggs were thrown at the teen heartthrob and his backup singers during the performance, but all missed.

Acer Arena complained to police after becoming aware of the incident when details were posted on a social networking site.

A 17-year-old was arrested at his home at 7.30am on Thursday and taken to Waverley Police Station where he was charged with break and enter, trespass and malicious damage.

Police also seized a mobile phone among other items.

He has been granted conditional bail to appear at Parramatta Childrens Court on June 2.



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Previously we were told it was 6 eggs. This picture clearly shows at least 10.

From the video it looks like someone must have dropped them from on top of the stadium. They all came straight down and hit the stage at the same time. That’s impossible to do if you’re in the audience. You would need a few people, with perfect aim, and with perfect timing who can throw extremely high.

Most likely the eggs were dropped from the riggings on top of the arena. This is an area which only workers have access to:

The people responsible for this shenanigan likely worked for the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia.