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Justin Bieber is reincarnated as a plush and well-coiffed puppet for the upcoming 42nd season of ‘Sesame Street.’ However, it’s not the real Biebs singing or voicing the character. It’s his doppelganger and a sound-a-like, duetting with the adorable Elmo. Don’t you just want to give Elmo a big, huge squeeze? He is the cutest ever!

The ‘Sesame Street’ version of “The Biebs” has the signature floppy haired bangs, which he whips around while wearing a stylin’ leather jacket and dog tag. He sings with Elmo, who is also sporting a leather jacket while looking and sounding as adorable as ever. There’s also a massive plush elephant in the room, and we’re sure that we picked up what ‘Sesame Street’ was putting down with that metaphor. There’s an elephant in the room that no one’s talking about it and it has to do with The Biebs. Interpret as you wish!

The Biebs’ lookalike and Elmo partner up for a song called ‘Measure, Yeah, Measure,’ the melody of which is awfully similar to The Biebs’ smash hit ‘Never Say Never.’

It’s painfully cute as The Biebs and Elmo cut the song in the studio and even engage in a little mid-song rapping. Elmo can always reinvent himself as a rapper down the line. Seriously. We “buy” the little guy in that role. This is a vortex of cuteness — you will get sucked in whether you like it or not.