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justin bieber close up elvis duran june 2012

Austin Mahone finally gets to meet his idol Justin Bieber

Justin stopped by Z100 radio station in NYC earlier this morning for an interview with Elvis Duran where he met Austin Mahone for the first time. More pics here.
{ Listen to the interview }

justin bieber elvis duran interview 2012

This is the Elvis Duran radio interview from Saturday March 24. Justin talks about his album, how he sees love, and about his new basketball drama movie with Mark Walhberg. Pictures are posted here.

justin bieber sexy smile 2012

Justin went on the Elvis Duran radio show yesterday (March 24th) and he was presented with a belated birthday cake. I’ll post the interview when I can find it. More pictures here.


Justin stops by the talk about his new Christmas Album, taking vacations and getting paid in Swedish Fish.