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justin-bieber-mexico-president-nieto-2013Before last night’s show in Mexico City, Justin tweeted:

@justinbieber: Just met some amazing Mexican Beliebers and the presidente of Mexico and his familia. Now it is showtime. 60,000 tonight. Night 1. Te amo.

The tweet (which has now been deleted) surprised the office of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and they issued a statement denying that Justin met Nieto.

“The president’s office has denied that the president, Enrique Pena Nieto, held a meeting with singer Justin Bieber… The agenda of the president has focused on internal activities with members of his cabinet.”

Justin must have made a mistake. Instead of meeting the president, JB met his family at the meet & greet before the show last night.

Justin caught his mistake and has now issued a correction:

@justinbieber: *correction. I met the presidente’s family and all their friends in the private meet and greet with all their security. They were very nice.

Ooopsies! Now watch the media jump all over this one to make Justin look bad :/