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Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is set to melt even more hearts on Sunday’s upcoming two-hour Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode, which gets a big dose of Bieber Fever.

The pop singer, 16, proves he has plenty of substance to back his signature style and popularity when he pays a visit to the very deserving Brown family in Wellman, Texas.

While the Extreme Makeover crew constructs a new home for the Browns, Bieber chips in by inviting them to his concert in New York City. Of course, The Biebs gave the family the VIP treatment, even hanging with them during soundcheck.

And, Justin Bieber had a special surprise in store for adoring fan Katrina Brown, 12. He saved his first dance of the night for her. They busted a move on stage before the concert even started!

On, a serious note, Bieber pledged to donate $1 of every concert ticket sold to the Browns’ texting-while-driving awareness campaign. What a class act!

On Sunday, January 30, ABC will air a special two hour episode of ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ focusing on the Brown family of Wellman, Texas. The Browns lost their eldest daughter, Alex, during a texting-and-driving accident in 2009 and have made it their mission to share their experience and warn of the dangers of texting-and-driving ever since.

While vacationing in New York City, twelve-year-old Katrina Brown had the opportunity to meet her idol Justin Bieber who appears in the clip from the show below:

I am totally jealous of her right now!! But I’m so glad Justin is so nice like that. Don’t you wish you were her?? I do!!! Can’t wait until it comes on TV!