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Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are huge on the internet and Justin is no stranger to such social media websites. He’s currently the most followed person on Instagram and second on Twitter. As I can remember it, Justin was the first real big celebrity to embrace Instagram and his promotion of it made Instagram an instant success.

So it’s no surprise that he has teamed up with a new social media network that’s about to launch.

According to Fortune, Justin has invested $1.1 million in a new social network called Shots of Me, created by the company RockLive. CEO John Shahidi said that JB tested the company’s mobile games and provided feedback, but that Shots of Me really grabbed his attention, especially after he was told that Shots of Me will be a social media network made especially for teens. Good timing because it’s been reported that teens are using Facebook less nowadays.

Maybe his friendship with Floyd Mayweather might have something to do with his new investment as Mayweather is also an investor in the company. But Mayweather would not have the influence that someone like Justin would on a site like this so it would be a win-win situation for both the company and Justin.

Hey if Instagram could sell for $1 billion dollars (to Facebook) in just a couple of years of business then maybe an investment in Shots of Me isn’t such a bad idea for JB after all.



WeTopia is a game on Facebook based on the concept of “Playing for Good,” where users earn currency called Joy that can be spent on real world charitable projects in both the US and other countries. While not many people know about the game just yet, that’s about to change as music phenom Justin Bieber has signed on to provide marketing support for Sojo Studios’ lineup of games, starting with WeTopia.

Justin tweeted:

“Proud to now be a part of #WeTopia http://wtp.io/GivJoy let’s play this game and do some good 4 kids around the world #MAKEACHANGE”

“Playing online games is a lot of fun already, but WeTopia makes it better by helping children around the world. Some of these kids need to go to school or they need clean water,” said Bieber in a company release. “I’ve been so lucky and blessed and that’s why I believe so much in giving back, and I know my fans will feel the same way when they play WeTopia.”

Combining efforts with the company’s first celebrity partner Ellen DeGeneres, Sojo Studios hopes that the reach both entertainers have in their own areas will be enough to inspire fans to take action for great causes within WeTopia (and eventually other games that have yet to be released), such as Save the Children, buildOn and the Children’s Health Fund.



Justin has a treasure hunt game going on right now on his Facebook page. Using Google Streetview you are to complete some challenges by collecting presents. Once completed you will be entered into a draw to meet JB in London on Nov 7, 2011 (same day he lights the Westfield Christmas tree.)

That’s pretty much all I can tell you because I’m in Canada and it doesn’t allow me to enter the game so I don’t know much else. This game is only open to UK residents it says.

If you’re lucky enough to be from the UK then why not play the Justin Bieber UK Treasure Hunt Game now?


One step closer to Lady Gaga

Just a few minutes ago Justin surpassed 9 million followers and tweeted


At this moment Lady Gaga, the reigning Queen of Twitter, has exactly 9,497,783 Little Monsters following her so Justin is less than half a million Beliebers away from becoming the King of Twitter.

Once he becomes the Most Followed person on Twitter, JB only has one last title left needed to become the undisputed King of the Internet since he has already conquered Youtube (Most Viewed Video) and Google (Most Searched Person). And that is to become the Most Liked Person on Facebook.

since we got #9millionbeliebers I wanted to give u all a gift. so here is a gif we made. THank You for EVERYTHING!

Enimen currently leads all with close to 34 million likes while Justin seems to be really picking up steam lately and has now surpassed 25 million likes since becoming famous less than 2 years ago.

Twitter is in the bag and I have no doubt he will also take over Facebook in less than 1 year from now.

Congrats Justin Drew Bieber on all your achievements!!

justinbieber fans 2011

Justin Bieber might not have the most fans on Facebook but Beliebers are more active then any fans on Facebook.

Fangager revealed the results earlier this week, revealing that popstar Bieber’s Facebook, which has over 20 million fans, has the highest engagement factor, followed by the Facebook Texas Hold’em Poker page.

Bieber finished top as he has the highest number of active fans, with a total of 359,116, beating the poker page, which has 337,598 active fans from its total of over 38 million fans.

Manchester United (UK soccer team) finished third in the survey, with 9,915, 504 fans, of which 256,206 were active.



Justin Bieber’s real personal Facebook account

Now you will know whether the “Justin Bieber” you are friends with on Facebook is the real deal or just 1 of the million posers on Facebook.

From what I’ve been told by one of Justin’s friends, Justin has about 420 friends on his real personal Facebook account.

justin bieber facebook youtube
Justin Bieber Swears Off YouTube For Facebook

Over the past weekend, Internet pop sensation Justin Bieber went to upload the music video of his new song called “Pray” to his personal YouTube site. He was in for a rude surprise: YouTube automatically blocked his video upload on “copyright grounds” that the video contained content from Universal Music Group (UMG), parent company to Bieber’s record label, Island Def Jam records.

“yo youtube…how u gonna block my own song?!?!?!” wrote an outraged Bieber on his Twitter account. In another Twitter update, he wrote, “dear youtube…we started this journey and now u r cheatin on me with this vevo chica…i see how it is…i will be over here with facebook [sic].” (Vevo is the music video website responsible for Bieber’s official YouTube syndication, and is a joint venture between music giants Sony Music Entertainment, UMG and Abu Dhabi Media.)

In response, YouTube wrote back to Bieber on its Twitter account, “sorry about the upload pain around ‘Pray’. That’s between you and your label but we love you [both] so let’s figure this out!”

But the damage was done. Frustrated with the Google-owned video site, Bieber instead uploaded his video using Facebook’s video app onto his Facebook page. “no one keeps my music from my fans. nobody,” he wrote on Twitter.

There’s a level of irony to the situation. Bieber got his start on YouTube, where home videos of him on his account singing covers of hip-hop songs from artists Usher and Chris Brown attracted the attention of a talent scout in 2007. After a meteoric rise to fame, Bieber is one of the biggest YouTube stars today, the second to reach 1 billion views on the Google-owned video site, behind Lady Gaga.

You would think if anyone deserved to be able to upload his own music videos to YouTube, it would be Bieber. So why couldn’t he? The answer lies in the complicated legalities behind copyright law and new media. It comes down to the question: who owns the video? In Bieber’s case, the answer depends on who you ask.

According to the YouTube website where Bieber’s upload was blocked, it appears that UMG has ownership. YouTube has a Content ID copyright protection system in place. Content ID automatically detects whether new content being uploaded to the website infringes on any copyrighted material in YouTube’s vast video database, using video and audio recognition techniques. The rights-holder can preselect what YouTube should do to the video in response: A) block it outright, B) monetize it by overlaying an ad on the video or C) do nothing, but be able to track the video’s viewership.

When Bieber tried to upload a copy of the “Pray” video, the Content ID system detected an already existing copy of the video from UMG in the database. UMG presumably set the default response to block infringing material, so Bieber’s upload was automatically blocked.

“We’re sorry to hear about the difficulty Justin Bieber had uploading his ‘Pray’ video to YouTube,” a YouTube spokesperson told Forbes. “What happened is really a matter between Justin and his label.”

YouTube, perhaps seeking to avoid copyright infringement issues that landed it in a lawsuit with Viacom (which Google ultimately won, though Viacom is seeking an appeal), makes it a point that it works with many different copyright holders from the media industry. Complicating matters is the fact that there may be multiple copyright owners on a single music video. The YouTube spokesperson says that the artists and labels need to be in constant communication in order to avoid issues like this.

I reached out UMG through email for comment earlier today, but have not heard back from the company yet.

And why was Bieber able to upload his video to Facebook with no problems? Facebook also says it has a copyright protection scheme in place. But if it has a similar Content ID system to YouTube, it doesn’t have the same amount of video content that YouTube does, meaning a given uploaded video to the social network is less likely to automatically ring warning bells.

In addition, Facebook spokesperson Jaime Schopflin says the social network has no plans right now to take down Bieber’s video upload. “He owns that content and we probably recognize that,” she said.

If ownership of copyrighted material is a tricky and complicated subject for big tech companies to talk about, it’s no easier for the common user. Last summer, the video JK Wedding Entrance Dance went viral, an amateur video featuring a bridal party dancing down the aisle to artist Chris Brown’s song “Forever.” The filmmakers probably weren’t thinking about copyright infringement, but Sony, which owned rights to the song in the video, had the option of taking the viral video down. Instead, Sony chose the monetize option, leaving the video up and putting an ad for the song pointing viewers to iTunes or Amazon where they could buy it.

In Bieber’s case, the story also appears to have a happy ending, at least for now. His “Pray” video has since been released on his official Vevo YouTube channel. And though the video is still blocked on his own personal YouTube account, the pop star seems to be at peace with YouTube.

He tweeted just recently, “@vevo and @youtube got me right now. I sing this one from the heart…”