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Justin Bieber – Fall [Lyrics with Music]

[Verse 1Annotate]
Well let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she’s around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken
And it made her blind
But she could never believe that love would ever treat her right

[Pre-Hook 1]
But did you know that I loved you?
Or were you not aware?
You’re the smile on my face
And I ain’t going nowhere
I’m here to make you happy
I’m here to see you smile
I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long while

Who’s gonna make you fall in love
I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart
Don’t have to be scared at all, oh my love
But you can’t fly unless you let your-
You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall

[Verse 2]
Well I can tell you’re afraid of
What this might do
Cause we got such an amazing friendship
And that you don’t wanna lose
Well I don’t wanna lose it either
And I don’t think I can stand
Sitting around while you’re hurting babe, so take my hand

[Pre-Hook 2]
Well did you know you’re an angel who forgot how to fly?
Did you know that it breaks my heart every time to see you cry?
Cause I know that a piece of you’s gone
Every time he done wrong
On the shoulder you’re crying
And I hope by the time that I’m done with this song I’ll have figured out


I will catch you if you fall
I will catch you if you fall
I will catch you if you fall
But if you spread your wings
You can fly away with me
But you can’t fly unless he lets ya
You can’t fly unless he lets ya, so fall

[Hook x2]