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I was just reading through some comments and I accidently came upon this random comment on the site that touched me so much that I want to share it with you….

“I dont know if your reading this Justin but Justin I love you so much.

I first fell in love with you 3 years ago when I saw you performing at wembley with Taylor Swift. You were so cute, yet so talented. I then saw you at the Summer Time ball, the Never say never premier at the O2, when you performed at the O2, when you won at the Brits I went out and saw you. The last time I saw you was the 7th November 2011 at stratford Westfield. I camped out from 2:30am until 9am!!! I didnt go to school 🙂 Hehehe. I love you so much, your so town to earth, B-E-A-U-T beautiful!!!! Your voice just gets better and better with each song you do! Your amazing, I love how your friends and family still mean the absoloute world to you and how you havent turned into some Diva. The way you act with Selena is just so cute! I hope your happy Justin, no matter who your with as long as they make you happy I dont care that its not me! I dont see how some Beliebers think by being horrible to your girlfriend, the one you love it will make you go for them or what ever they think, it will make you hate them, I think its so stupid how some girls are when your with a girl.

I think your a great person, your amazing, so talented and everything you do is just great.

The believe Charity you started, is so kind and genoures of you. I love how you try to give back.

On the night I saw you at westfeild, you said christmas is all about giving back, As I walked out with my friend I saw this homeless man, with a little dog, it was such a cold night, so I brought him food, drink and things for his dog and gave him £10 and it was only little but he was so grateful for it. That was the way I wanted to thank God and you for being able to see you.

I am a catholic and God is an important role in my life and the way you still believe in God, in this day and age, because I know how hard it is being a catholic in todays society, it helps me be a better Christian.

Your my idol Justin. I think your great.

I love boyfriend, and I know Believe is going to ba amazing. I didnt think you could top Mistletoe but you did!!! Your great.

I wish you and Selena all the luck in the world. ( I also love call me maybe) I wish Carly Rae Jepson all the luck in the world.

Please please follow me on Twitter I’ve been trying to 3 years! Your the only reason I have twitter. @SarahBieber497 (guys follower her and tweet her. #trueBelieber!!)

See you at your next concert in London, will be getting tickets for every night 🙂

I love you so so much, please dont ever change. Forget about the haters, I only judge you on the music, but your such a great person so theres no need to be judgmental on your personal life, because everything you do it great!!!!! Your have 20,000,000 beliebers and probably more!

I love you so so so so so so so so so so very much.

All my love

Sarah Gallagher (from London, England) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3″

I really hope Justin sees this somehow and follows her on Twitter. He’s got the best fans hands down and Sarah could be his number 1 fan <3 Makes you so proud to be a Belieber.

I hope she doesn’t mind that I post her picture on here. (Hi Sarah! You’re so sweet and pretty 🙂 )

Sarah Gallagher could be Justin's #1 fan


Jimmy Kimmel is a great late night talk show! Hes personally one of my Faves so I know a little bit about him. He talks and mentions Justin Bieber quite often actually, so to be able to see these Two in the same Interview is Awesome! Ive been waiting for this for Sooo Long!

What about you? Do you watch Jimmy Kimmel? have you ever wanted to see these Two chat in the same interview with each other?

I think it was just last year Justin met one of his biggest fans! Cody Simpson, the little girl crying for Justin Bieber because she couldnt spend “all day with him.” He ended up meeting her and made her One of the Happiest little girls ever!

Even though he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, they never actually sat down for a chit chat. Heres the video from when Justin met little Cody.

be sure to check it out tonight on channel 2 The Duece at 12|11 Central!