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I don’t know what’s funnier. The off key singing in the beginning of the video or the kicking legs at the end.


Sorry this was a pretty funny post about two fans but sadly Google has asked us to remove the most because it was inappropriate so we had to erase it.



TMZ has learned the secret identity of the deadly and merciless force that nearly penetrated Justin Bieber’s security this weekend — and here she is … at your own risk … AN ADORABLE 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL!

TMZ spoke to 12-year-old Cristina’s father (who also provided us with this photo) and we’ve learned the recent security breach in the Bahamas was all over — DUN DUN DUN! — a hug.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Cristina wanted to give Justin Bieber a hug — one of the most dangerous martial arts moves known to man. But thankfully, Justin’s crack security team intervened just in time and no one got hurt. Cristina was eventually let go.

It all went down during Bieb’s photo shoot with Kim Kardashian at the Atlantis resort on Sunday. As far as we know, Cristina’s still at large.


Security literally had to dive into action to protect Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian during a fashion shoot in The Bahamas last week — after a 12-year-old “rushed” the celebs on the beach.

Sources on the shoot tell TMZ security had to “dive” on the overzealous fan to keep the little girl away from the stars. We’re told nobody was hurt and they eventually let the kid go.

It’s unclear if the kid was trying to get to Kim or Justin — but the duo was rollin’ with heavy security that day because of previous threats to Kim from jealous Bieber-aholics.

Senior Prom or Justin Bieber

If you don’t already know that Justin Bieber is one of the world’s most popular musicians, and inspires such adulation among his fans that he may register as one of the most influential people alive today, just try this story on for size.

The young icon played live for the Today Show on Friday morning, right in the middle of New York City’s Rockefeller Center. Desperate to see their idol, hundreds of Bieber fans started lining up Thursday afternoon and evening, willing to brave the elements overnight just for the chance to be front and center for the Bieber circus.

For some in the crowd, as they skipped school Thursday to line up and Friday to shriek and swoon, that meant they would have to miss their school’s prom Friday night. And for a few, it was their senior prom that they were missing out on – all to bask in the Bieber glow.

“We’re missing our prom…but we’ve been planning this whole thing for three months, so it’ll be worth it,” 18-year-old New Jersey high school senior Becca Jude told DNAinfo.

And more than any of the online fan footage or skyrocketing Twitter trends that I’ve seen, this is the story that puts Bieber’s stardom into stark relief: There’s only one senior prom in our lives, and yet for some, seeing Justin Bieber play a few songs registers higher on the bucket list.


Honestly now…..


Music industry’s hottest young sensation Justin Bieber took over “Today” show on Friday morning, June 4, drawing uncontrollable fans mostly young girls from all over the country. Looks like this teen star has spread fever like an epidemic that a policeman admitted that even NYPD has got the Bieber Fever by now.

Outside the NBC Studio’s Rockefeller Plaza where Bieber staged a mini-concert performing five of his hottest songs, including “Baby” and “One Time”, Bieber fans stormed in feverishly with deafening yells. That was the biggest crowd the venue has ever had that it reminded NBC hosts of Paul McCartney.

Almost all of the segments of the show was overpowered by the noise created by the Bieber Fever outbreak outside the studio. Al Roker’s forecast was barely audible causing his sign-off to sound like a screech and Jonah Hill’s promotion of his movie “Get Him To The Greek” became a hiss. He joked instead, that he too, is having Bieber fever all over his body right now.

Bieber’s performance was a smash of hyper moves unmindful of the hot weather. The young singer was more than excited of his popularity as an artist boosting his energy to high levels throughout the concert giving his fans more than a dose of their expectations in his Michael Jackson inspired Usher dance steps.

Justin Bieber will have an upcoming tour after this concert and is also excited about what limelight has to offer for him in the long run.