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Looking at this picture makes me realize that Justin is probably the most photographed person in the world right now.

And I don’t just mean pictures taken by the paparazzi and for photo shoots but also by fans. In fact I think fans probably take more pics of him than the paparazzi. So that’s why I think it’s safe to say that he’s the most photographed person in the world. Nobody compares.

Not much news to post today but you can always count on some picture of him showing up helping us all be daily stalkers, in a way 😉

Our picture of the day is Justin hanging out by the pool with a young fan taken earlier today (Oct 26, 2013).



Wow. So young but yet so powerful.


Awwww. “My teenager lost!” My god that is just too damn cute.

Here’s another…


“And yah his jeans is skinny but I’m sure his pocket’s fat” lol. Somehow I think you have to have fat pockets to purchase JB’s kind of skinny jeans.

With all the haters out there it’s refreshing to see some love for JB from not just a guy, but from a brother (brother means black guy for those who don’t already know). A straight, black, male who claims to be a huge Justin Bieber fan. It’s as rare as they come. ahahaha

What do you think of Devin’s rap for Justin? Devin is a visitor of JBShrine so he’ll be reading any comments you guys leave.