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TMZ caught up with Justin a day after his house party as he strolled the Fairfax district of Los Angeles and asked him about the party.

justin bieber ferrari car white tmz

OMG, TMZ is trying to kill me (they always have bad news).

They are reporting that Justin has just hit a paparazzi moments ago. This happened about 2 hours ago around 11:45pm June 16 outside Fun Factory on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles as Justin was driving off with Lil Twist. Justin got behind the wheel and motioned for the papz to get out of the way and when he drove off he pinned a photographer between his car and another parked car.

Justin drove off but it’s not clear if he even noticed what happened. The paparazzi was taken to a hospital and has likely injured his leg.

This is weird. We really need to see a video. There’s no way Justin would hit a person. Something is wrong with this picture. I’m sure some videos will turn up really soon.

UPDATE: Justin Bieber cleared of hit and run at Fun Factory