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JB and Selena Purple Flavored Pic

Justin Bieber may confidently entertain sold-out crowds all over the world and earn the adoration of female fans – but the singer wasn’t always such a Don Juan.

Talking about his first kiss in an interview with ET Canada, Bieber, 16, recalls, “It was kinda awkward … I was, like, 11 or 12. And I was on a snowhill and it was late and we were all cold and I was, like, with this girl and we were together and then I kissed her. It was really awkward.”

Though they obviously didn’t make a lasting romantic connection – Bieber says they’re no longer in touch – he has apparently found friendship (or something more) with Selena Gomez with whom he’s been spotted getting cozy, even kissing, recently.

“She’s, like, one of my best friends,” Bieber recently told Ryan Seacrest of Gomez.

Source: Peoples Magazine