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During halftime of our annual Silent Game at Taylor University in Indiana, the women of Grace Olson Hall did a flash mob of Justin Bieber’s Drummer Boy. Justin likes what he saw because hetweeted about this 2 days ago:

“just got sent this. very cool”

justin bieber flashmobs

Beliebers are the most dedicated fans in the world and this video proves it.

Were any of you in this video?

justinbieber kualalumpur malaysia

Wow these guys put so much work into their routine. I think they raised the bar compared to the other Bieber flash mobs we saw from New York, Denmark, and Sweden. So exciting for them to finally have Justin arrive in their country. Ok they are kinda early cuz he doesn’t arrive until April 20 but something tells me we’re gonna see the same flash mob next week. Let’s see if I’m right. Great job!

Thanks Deasha. And miss you!


Looks like it was part of a competition to win tickets for a meet & greet with Justin.