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A story just came out about Justin being thrown into a garbage can at one of his own parties. Here is the story in it’s entirety:

justin-bieber-weird-pic“Two hip-hop wannabes Justin had invited arrived with a really cute girl, the girlfriend of one of them, to one of his parties” a source told Mike Walker at the National Enquirer.

“And as guests began drinking and getting high, Justin flirted quite openly with the guy’s girlfriend throughout the night. But at one point, Boyfriend realized Girlfriend was missing… and so was Bieber!

“The suspicious guy and his pal began searching the house – and finally found the girl backed up against a kitchen wall, furiously making out with the panting pop star. The guy erupted, screaming: ‘What the f*** are you doing with my girlfriend?’ He lunged for Justin, who backed off and barked sarcastically, ‘Hey, man, be cool. It’s not like you’re married to her!’

“Instantly, the guys yanked Justin off his feet, hauled him to a plastic garbage can outside the kitchen door, shoved him inside — then locked down the handles as he and the girl screamed for help!

“Justin’s bodyguards came running and sprung him loose as his tormentors left the mansion, dragging the girl behind them.

ahahahahahah! Yes, you read that right. This story came from the National Enquirer. lol. I think if this story is true it would at least state which city this happened in. File this story under BS.