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Yeah, I rocked out with a roomful of tweens on the most romantic day of the year, and I’m proud of it!


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I’m 30 and I spent my Valentine’s Day with Justin Bieber. Just got my hearing back too. And yeah, that means I felt old.

I mean, my very first concert was New Kids on the Block, back in the 80’s. The fangirls at the concert know them now as NKOTB – but only because of their recent cheesy jam ‘Summertime.’ I’m talking old-school New Kids, Hangin’ Tough or The Right Stuff. Yeah, see? Old.

But back to Biebs. Girls were wearing T-shirts with puffy paint (I did that too back in the day!) and held signs saying “JUSTIN WILL YOU MARRY ME?” One girl even passed out cold for a glimpse of the 15-year-old tween sensation.

I considered ear plugs, and should have gone with my gut instinct. My hearing isn’t what it used to be, after all. I tried to play nice though – I remember the excitement of seeing your favorite boy band for the first time, after all. I was once one of those shrieking girls myself. I’m still paying for it though – dearly.

I’ve never really followed his music, but when a friend invited me, I couldn’t refuse. It was Valentine’s Day, so let’s just say I did it in the spirit of love. My first impression when Justin rocked the stage is that he was a pint-sized Tower of Power. Many of the adults just laughed or froze in terror. I did both.

Tears fell from the eyes of panicked young women who threw stuffed bears and flowers. He threw his Yankees hat out to a mob of girls who fought for it for easily three minutes. As he moved on to the acoustic part of his set, we got to know a quiet, more thoughtful Justin. He sang a melody of “classic” Justin Timberlake and Usher’s hits, U Got It Bad and Cry Me A River, in the honor of his mentors (whose music I actually dig). I shrugged, and thought, “Jeez, to him these songs are classics. To me it was only 2002.”

He sang his hit single, One Less Lonely Girl, to 14-year-old Emily, whom he brought onstage and gifted with roses. It must have been the moment of her life when he brushed his hand across her cheek (Now why can’t Ben Affleck do that for me, I ask you?!).

Speaking to Emily later, I was curious about her obsession. What does she see in him? “I just love him, he is so sexy!” she gushed. I was momentarily self-righteous. Does she know what means? Does it matter? Am I allowed to judge? The answer is ‘no’ all around. I was 14 once. Puppy love counts too, just not as much as the real deal. Trust me, I know. I’m 30. And yes, I do know that I keep on banging on about my age, but I’m trying to make a point here.

I’ve been trying to hold on to my 20s and was reluctant to let them go, so I should really thank Justin. What he’s done is helped me plant my feet firmly in my 30s. I simply appreciate him for bringing attention to the fact that I am officially, without a doubt, all grown up.

Mick Follers

It may come as a surprise to the Bieber Barmy Army but not all fans of the Canadian popster are female and under 16.

Thirty-four-year-old forklift driver, Mick Follers of Condell Park, describes himself as Justin Bieber’s No. 1 fan and he’s got the number plates to prove it.

Paying $440 a year for the privilege of personalised plates Mr Follers said he was motivated by his appreciation of Bieber’s songs and that he might make some money selling them.

Mr Foller didn’t bother to go and see Bieber when he appeared in Sydney on David Koch’s Sunrise program but he has followed the popster faithfully on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

“I’ve downloaded all his tunes from iTunes,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“I’m one of his older fans but I like his stuff.”

Asked if he believed David Koch’s allegations about Bieber’s “foul mouth”, the no-nonsense storeman said he wasn’t sure about Kochie.

“I doubt what he (Koch) said was true but on the spur of the moment he (Bieber) could have said it. I think everyone does occasionally.”

In the meantime, Bieber fans have responded to Kochie’s statement that the talented teen needed a “slap” for his alleged f-bomb to a staffer. And they’re not happy.

While most replied in a similar vein to Melbourne blogger Drew Boy “it was a loada B******T!”, for many it was more a case of Koch? Koch who? “Who’s Peter Koch?” asked one.

Sydney law student Atia twittered to Bieber: “@justinbieber u Mean wot that old bald man 4RM sunrise said. That were rude in Australia. He is a Mean person. Ignore him.”

This was in reply to Justin Bieber’s plaintive: “i know my friends family and fans know the person i am. hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job i guess.”

Atia’s response to Kochie was less polite: “U bald old Koch from Unrise plz grow up. And leave Justin bieber alone. He is only 16 trying 2 grow up.”

Kochie tweeted: “Bieber fans calm down. No big deal. Was in paper. But in public eye have to be nice to people. Is a good bloke learning to deal with fame”.

This response may have satisfied Kochie’s 1081 followers, but not so the Bieber’s 2.7 million fans.

Kat Drummond from Indiana summed up the general response, tweeting: “It’s almost amazing how many different stories there are about Justin Bieber’s interviews?”