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Justin Bieber's drawing of himself (but a bit more muscular lol)


Another day another Justin Bieber wax figure.

A fifth JB wax figure was unveiled on March 19th at Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany. I guess they are going for the Michael Jackson look this time with the jacket. This is actually one of the best so far but like the rest it still looks kinda off. Like he’s old and tired.

And standing beside him is Selena Gomez at 32.



This post has been taken down.
justin bieber germany tv total

Justin Bieber interview on “TV Total” Germany Nov 15, 2011

justin bieber xfactor germany

Justin appeared on X-Factor Germany today giving contestants tips before the show.



Justin has arrived in Germany today after leaving London. Justin went back to London to film X-Factor UK and he did do a special for the ITV network (same as X-Factor). He’s now in Germany because he will be on X-Factor Germany too.

Here he is today meeting Monique Simon, a contestant on X-Factor Germany. Pay close attention and you’ll notice what a funny guy he is….


Monique: “Call my number.”
Justin: “Ok. I will tell people to call your number too.”

LMFAO! Too funny.

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justin bieber bambi awards germany 2011

I don’t get it. Why did he say “Yes Christmas is coming soon. Yes”?? lol. Gwyneth Paltrow presented JB with the “Entertainment” award last night at the Bambi Awards last night in Wiesbaden, Germany.