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justin bieber gold mask venice beach 2012

Back on Jan 3 I had reported that Justin spent the day in Venice Beach in California and posted a pic of him with a fan. Yesterday some pictures were released from that same day showing Justin wearing a gold mask and sites reporting that it was to hide his identity so that he wouldn’t get attention from fans.

I think he was just having some fun with the mask. Not trying to hide from fans. Who would wear a gold mask if they don’t want attention? Luckily he wasn’t mobbed by the girls. And it wasn’t because of the mask because according to a fan that was there that day, everyone knew that behind that golden mask was none other than the “Justin Bieber”.

Justin Bieber, his dad Jeremy, and Ryan Butler at Venice Beach Jan 3, 2012

But seriously, no matter how good his disguise is, we all know that if we spot Jeremy and Ryan together, that the Biebz can’t be far away.

Justin Bieber in a gold mask disguise in Venice Beach

I wonder if this is what he meant when he tweeted:

“i am the #masterofdisguise”