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Russell Crowe is defending the Biebz on Twitter over the graffiti incident in Australia

This whole graffiti story in Gold Coast, Australia is overblown thanks to a mayor who seems to LOVE attention.

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@milktyson: My brother @justinbieber just blessed me with some art at one of my spots! We are gonna do sometjinh big to give back to the victims of the tragedy. #PrayForThePhilippines

Justin painted a graffiti of two hands praying to remember the victims of Philippines’ Typhoon Haiyan disaster. The typhoon has now taken the lives of 3631 victims so far. #prayforphilippines


justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-07Wow this South American leg of the Believe Tour is turning out to be one to remember. Justin has officially been charged by the police in Brazil for painting graffiti in Rio de Janeiro illegally.

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Remember this masterpiece that Justin painted on a graffiti wall in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil yesterday? You can see it below. It’s the red one right in the middle. Cute ain’t it?

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justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-0 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-03 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-04 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-05 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-06 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-07 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-08 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-09 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-10