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justin-bieber-cool-red-jacketAs big as JB is there seems to be two big goals he has never reached. One being that he has never won a Grammy Award. This is considered by all artists as the most prestigious award in the music industry, including Justin himself. He has said his dream is to win a Grammy award. In time maybe this achievement will come.

The other big goal Justin has never reached is to have a #1 hit on the Billboard 100. “BABY” was a huge song but it only managed to hit #5. With the recent release of “BOYFRIEND”, Justin managed to hit #2 in it’s first week of release but quickly dropped to #5 in the second week.

Despite all his achievements, these are two big goals Justin has yet to reach and The Hollywood Reporter has written an analysis as to Why Justin Bieber Has Never Notched a No. 1 Single: A History From ‘Baby’ to ‘Boyfriend’ and it’s worth a read.

Below is a record of Justin’s Top Charting Songs:

  • “Boyfriend” Peak: No. 2, Weeks on Chart: 2
  • “Baby” Peak: No. 5, Weeks on Chart: 20
  • “Never Say Never” Peak: No. 8, Weeks on Chart: 19
  • “Mistletoe” Peak: No. 11, Weeks on Chart: 10
  • “Somebody to Love” Peak: 15, Weeks on Chart: 18
  • “One Less Lonely Girl” Peak: 16, Weeks on Chart: 16
  • “One Time” Peak: 17, Weeks on Chart: 25
  • “Never Let You Go” Peak: No. 21, Weeks on Chart: 2
  • “Favorite Girl” Peak: No. 26, Weeks on Chart: 2
justin bieber and selena gomez date 2012 thai food

While everyone else was in Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards Sunday night (Feb 12, 2012), Justin took Selena Gomez out on a dinner date at a Thai restaurant in Manhattan, New York.

On Saturday night (Feb 11, 2012), Justin enjoyed a private dinner at the Dream Hotel in New York City with Usher:

Justin Bieber and Usher were hidden in a corner booth in the lobby restaurant Marble Lane at the Dream Hotel. The duo had a late dinner, protected from the throngs by four bodyguards and managers posted at the outer seats of their table, plus a tall “lookout guy” dressed in a snuggly ski sweater who stood watch to prevent anyone from approaching the table. Bieber and Usher stayed until 2 a.m., but left without attending any of the fashion bashes at the hotel.


justinbieber mileycyrus hugging neversaynever

Miley Cyrus spoke on the red carpet at the 2011 Grammy Awards about Justin Bieber’s die-hard fans. She said that when she was on stage performing the song “Overboard” with Justin she had to take a few steps back when he came up to her and put his arm around her – because she didn’t want any hate mail from his super fans!

In the interview below Miley also talks about about her movies “LOL” and “So Undercover.” She also mentions her dress designer and talks about all the bling she’s wearing!


Awwww. “My teenager lost!” My god that is just too damn cute.

Here’s another…


ahahahah. Sorry fellow Beliebers.

What can I say? I’ve got a really sharp eye 😉

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Justin lost the one award that he wanted he most at the Grammys, Best New Artist, to jazz artist Esperanza Spalding. Here they are interviewed backstage after he win.