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A haircut popularized by teen idols such as Justin Bieber can cause children to develop lazy eye, said a leading Australian optometrist. Optometrists Association national executive member Andrew Hogan said emo-style haircuts with fringes that dangle over one eye can amblyopia, or lazy eye, by preventing the nerve pathway from the amblyopic eye to the brain from developing properly. Hair over the eye acts like an eyepatch, reducing sensory input from the covered eye, weakening it and straining the dominant eye.

This is one of the weirdest post I’ve ever done :/


Justin Bieber and Emma Watson’s haircuts seems to be influencing people to cut their hair short this year because the Wall Street Journal has just named Emma’s fresh 70’s pixie cut and Justin’s cropped locks “The Most Influential Haircuts” of 2011 thanks to their dominance of internet searches. There is more interest in their haircuts than anyone else in the world this year.

According to the Wall Street Journal,

The enthusiasm plays out online, where the fastest-rising searches for celebrity haircuts on Google are for Ms. Watson and Mr. Bieber. This is more of a change for women — for whom short hair hasn’t been trendy since the ’90s — than for men, who may justifiably feel sheepish about asking for his cut.