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Hallmark cards have embraced the Glory that is Justin Bieber with a series of 84 cards — some with sound and music! — which pay homage to the Bieb.

“We are thrilled to finally share this special line of Hallmark cards with Justin’s loyal and passionate fans today, giving them a fun new way to connect while celebrating their love of him and his music,” says Hallmark Licensing Director Jenny Hofeditz in a press release.

Some cards will have music, including excerpts from “U Smile” and “Baby,” others will have crazy “innovations, such as lights, motion and pop-up displays,”

A Hallmark rep assures us that “Justin and his team reviewed all creative and song choices for each of the cards.”

The cards will be available only at Wal-Mart until May when they’ll be introduced to all stores that sell Hallmark stuff.



In celebration of JB’s birthday tomorrow, Hallmark just announced that they will be selling Bieber birthday and greeting cards. These cards are not meant for sending to Justin for his birthday tomorrow (because they don’t start selling until April) but meant for sending it to your friends and family that are Justin’s fans.

justin bieber birthday greeting cards

Justin Bieber birthday greeting cards

In honor of Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday tomorrow, Hallmark, in partnership with Bravado, announces a gift to his fans — first-of-its-kind Justin Bieber greeting cards. Debuting in April, the collection of more than 48 everyday Hallmark cards will provide “Beliebers” a fun new way to share “Bieber Fever” with friends and family. No matter what the occasion — to celebrate a birthday, say “way to go girl,” or just say “hello” — Justin Bieber greeting cards will have the perfect message to make any recipient say “Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!”

The variety of Justin Bieber Hallmark cards will feature innovations, including lights, songs from the pop sensation, motion and pop-up displays, and also will double as collectors’ items with door hangers, photo inserts and more. Ranging from $2.57-$9.99, the cards come in bright colors, include a photo of Justin and express a variety of playful sentiments, like “Hope your big day rocks like never before,” and “You must be one of my biggest fans ’cause you blow me away, girl!”

The Justin Bieber greeting cards from Hallmark will arrive in Wal-Mart stores nationwide in April and will be available in May at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores, as well as Walgreens, CVS and other stores where Hallmark products are sold.