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Ok I don’t know for sure if they were trick or tweeting in the mall cuz Halloween isn’t even til tomorrow but knowing these guys and their pranks I wouldn’t doubt that they went into some stores and asked for candy in their matching superhero costumes to trip the people from the stores out.

Not sure about the rest of the world but here in Canada everyone trick-or-treats in the malls on Halloween so I’m sure the idea would be on JB’s mind at the time.

That’s Justin, Jaden, Selena, and that guy that plays Rico on Hanna Montanna in their matching superhero costumes.


I’m wrong. That’s not Selena. It’s Stella Hudgens. Vanessa Hudgen’s younger sister. Thanks Jasmine.

new justin bieber halloween 2011 someday commercial

OMG this is so romantic! Justin just did a new commercial for his Someday perfume just in time for Halloween. I know you love it 😉


haha! Now we know what Justin, Alfredo Flores, and Kenny Hamilton went as for Halloween (2010). But who’s on the left? Ryan or Scooter?

Amazing Justin Bieber Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Some dude by the name of Matt McFarland, 28, from Salt Lake City, Utah did this amazing jack-o-lantern of JB.

Amazing Justin Bieber Halloween Jack-O-Lantern