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Justin Bieber has just bought a $10.8million property in the Hollywood Hills to set up a lovenest for himself and girlfriend Selena Gomez. TMZ reported that there were 3 houses that he was looking at and that one of them was being rented by Ashton Kutcher. He chose to buy the one being rented by Ashton in the Hollywood Hills. He will move in when Ashton moves out.

With plenty of space, Justin has ample places to play as the home features 5 bedrooms, set across 9,400 square feet. Looking over Lake Hollywood, the large living room has walls of glass, allowing the couple to have a perfect view of the stunning scenery.

And as he turns into an adult and buys up the large mansion, Justin’s relationship with Selena is clearly heating up. Justin and Selena will have plenty to keep them occupied with a private movie theatre, a bar area, and even a gym and massage room to treat themselves to.

Scooter also just bought a house in the Hollywood Hills so they’ll live close together. Wonder if Pattie will live with Justin. In an interview with MTV JB has said that they are planning to live apart and TMZ said he’s buying his mom a separate house. It is reported that Selena will be moving in with him. PARTY!!

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