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justin-bieber-faena-hotel-trappedDJ Tay James posted this pic yesterday captioned “Outside the hotel trapped #repost“. No wonder management at the Hotel Faena in Argentina had to turn away Justin’s business. What’s going on in the pic is absolutely nuts – but probably so fun at the same time! XD


TMZ has reported that Justin and his crew are without a place to stay tonight as he’s been kicked out of Hotel Faena, the place they’ve been staying at in Buenos Aires.


Sources close to JB said the Hotel Faena managers finally had enough after fans continued to destroy hotel property all week long while camping outside.

justin-bieber-argentina-hotel-faena-fans2Right now they are trying to find a place to stay tonight after his concert but all the other hotels doesn’t want to take him in because they know all the fans would follow.

Justin’s people say they have no idea what they’re gonna do yet and are scrambling to find a place for JB and 25 other crew members to stay at tonight.

Justin tweeted:

justin-bieber-Hotel-Faena-argentina-0 jazzy-jaxon-bieber-patti-Hotel-Faena-argentina-01

pattie-mallette-Hotel-Faena-argentina-0Looks like the whole family went to support Justin in Buenos Aires. Haven’t spotted poppa Jeremy but he’s probably with them too.