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@justinbieber: It’s not your place to judge. God put these people in my life for a reason, and just because they are African American that makes them a bad influence?? These are the people that I love and all of us are going to help make the world a better place. β™›

Justin posted that earlier today on Instagram defending his friends from a fan who is worried that JB is hanging out with the wrong crowd.

The fan never said anything about African American people but we all, including Justin himself, realize that almost everyone he hangs out with now are black.

I’ve said it before and I probably will get some more hate for saying it again but personally I do think the people who he has hanging around him are a bad influence on him. They just happen to be black. Defending friends is good but Justin needs to remember he used to be close friends with Lil’Za and Lil’Twist too, like brothers, and look how that turned out. You can’t trust everybody.

Like the fan above I am worried about him too. Justin made a lot of mistakes in 2013. You don’t make that many mistakes if you have people around you who are looking out for you and your career. These friends of his don’t seem to care if he looks bad. Just saying.

What do you think of Justin’s new friends?


@maejorali: Only in @justinbieber kitchen do I find a Segway β™›

His kitchen is spotless. And you can hear Justin singing in the background.

Justin Bieber 2 legs up while playing pool

@justinbieber: Me @ryanbutler and @kyle_massey golfing got a little interesting

Yay love knowing JB is hanging out with Ryan. Say no to all the LILs!


@justinbieber: Always get up when u get knocked down

ahahahah! Ok obviously I’m no hater but this video Justin posted on Instagram of him falling while skateboarding is pretty funny. Especially his smile afterwards.


will-smith-justin-bieber-instagram-2013@justinbieber: Me and uncle Will

Instagram has announced the most liked picture of 2013 and it is none other than the picture Justin posted of himself and Will Smith on August 14, 2013 with 1.5 million likes.


@justinbieber: Back in the studio

He must be at some studio in Australia or something because I can’t imagine he’d be back in the States by now.


@justinbieber: Got a piece of candy and it’s all for you

is he talking about his nipple? 😳 lol