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OMG I heard rumors that Justin Bieber ice cream were on their way but I thought it was a hoax. But now here’s proof that it’s true. There really is a Justin Bieber ice cream!!

Made by Nestle the ice cream is now being sold in Israel only. Kinda weird that it’s only available in Israel because neither Justin or Nestle is Israeli.

Anyways, hope JB’s ice cream makes it to North America so we can all see what Justin Bieber tastes like. lol


Justinbieber isreal



Teen pop star Justin Bieber was paid $1 million for his performance in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park last week, The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Wednesday.

The sum was paid up even though there were at least 11,000 fewer concertgoers than the 35,000 that organizers had hoped for, according to the report.

“They overpaid and did not market it right,” the article quoted Israeli promoter Shuki Weiss as saying. “I think it’s important for every artist to come to Israel, but you need to know your crowd.”

Bieber arrived in Israel last Monday, and has been mobbed by throngs of teen girls and paparazzi ever since.

Some 200 young fans gathered at Tel Aviv’s Sheraton Hotel upon his arrival, staying there for hours in the hope of catching sight of him. He reportedly booked rooms at five hotels, in an attempt to diffuse the mobs.

He was supposed to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the premier canceled the date after the singer reportedly refused to meet with children living in communities affected by Gaza rocket fire.





justinbieber western wall

Teen pop star escapes to Jerusalem after Tel Aviv concert, manages to visit holy sites with family, heavy security.

After days of hiding from the public in his Tel Aviv hotel room, 17-year-old pop star Justin Bieber performed at Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park Thursday night, and then slipped away unnoticed to Jerusalem.

Following a visit to Yad Vashem, Bieber arrived at the Western Wall around 3 a.m. Friday morning with his mother and a posse of nearly 20, mostly body guards.


(Thanks Itzel from Costa Rico <3)

justinbieber telaviv concert

Justin doing his own rendition of Busta ‘I-Can-Rap-Faster-Than-Anyone’ Rhymes’ part in Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” during the Tel Aviv concert. Impressive!

(Thanks Chelsea for this one!)

UPDATE: Just found this video below of an awesome amateur cover of “Look At Me Now”

The original (warning very explicit lyrics – a lot of swearing):