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Justin isn’t the only person celebrating a #1 song on iTunes this week. One Direction‘s newest release “Diana” has reached #1 on EVERY COUNTRY except Lithuania. Now that’s a lot of countries! Should we be worried that “PYD” didn’t do as well?

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PYD is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.


Justin might be sick and had to cancel his concert but things ain’t all bad (see what I did there? lol). The new single was just released earlier today and it’s already hit #1 in 42 countries at the moment. Is your country on the list?

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Even without Def Jam’s help, Bad Day manages to hit #1 in 17 countries thanks to devoted fans everywhere. Not such a bad day after all.

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Recovery is now available on iTunes. Get it here.


Justin’s new collaboration with Tyga “Wait For A Minute” was just released on iTunes today and it’s already hit the top of the charts in Sweden. Yay! Congrats on another #1 on iTunes!

If you haven’t heard it listen to it here.


Justin’s 3rd song to be released titled “Hold Tight” will be available on iTunes in the next 5 minutes. Buy it on iTunes.


The lyrics are here.

UPDATE: the download link was taken down