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Wow all these guys that do covers regularly all seem to know each other. The other day I posted the Next 2 You cover by J Rice. Jason Chen has been featured here before. And now Jason has teamed up with Ahmir to do their own cover.

If you can remember from last year, Ahmir and J Rice did what I think is the best Justin Bieber cover ever:


J Rice is back with yet another Justin Bieber cover.


jriceproductions | December 11, 2010 |
When I was listening to Justin Bieber’s song Pray, I got the idea to combine it with Let it Snow, so I asked Ahmir if they wanted to do this collab and here we are! Love what they did with it!!

They’re great guys who are super talented and humble. Glad I finally got to meet them in DC last weekend. Hope you all love this!!



This is an unbelievable cover.