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jaden smith flame justin bieber boyfriend

Sound familiar? Maybe a little. haha. I really like it though. Great job Jaden.


….or maybe even friends at all!

chaz somers justin bieber ryan butler

Chaz Somers hangs out with Justin Bieber & Ryan Butler

Back on January 6th I told you guys that Justin and Chaz were in a fight after Justin got mad at Chaz for accusing Selena of dating Justin just for publicity.

This fight was confirmed when Justin tweeted and intentionally left out Chaz’s name who we know, along with Ryan, has been Justin’s best friend since they were young:

#realfriends @itsRyanButler and @officialjaden

Shortly after I made the post on JBShrine I noticed that Chaz was starting to get a lot of harassment from Beliebers on Twitter asking him if it was true or not. Chaz then tweeted:

I wasn’t totally convinced. Not because I think Chaz is a liar but because I got the feeling, from reading his twitter, that he was getting tired of all the harassment he got so he tweeted that to make people stop.

Today there seems to be more proof that Chaz and Justin indeed are no longer friends. Justin once again publicly declaring the best friends he could ever have by posting this picture on Twitter, and again intentionally completely leaving Chaz Somers out of the equation…

"We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have" - Justin Bieber

This is probably the reason why we’ve been seeing Ryan with him everywhere but Chaz is nowhere in site since the fight. If all this is true then I hope they make up soon! Good friends are hard to find. Especially when you’re a big celebrity.

justin bieber jaden smith happy new year remix 2012

Here’s a cool remix of Justin and Jaden’s New Years Eve.

[ Download Mp3 ]


Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith – Happy New Year Lyrics

Girl it’s almost the new year, and its too clear,

Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith

me you and a Root Beer.
Float in my house bout to count down
cause we got the whole crew here

yo they bout to party hardy Lookin for a hottie with a nice body
ohh y’all have fun with that we dont need the mistletoe
we was under that like 20 minutes ago
and if you can give me all your love
you better give me some more
the new years comin you aint trippin no more
so I don’t need music bout to listen to your ‘ h-h-h-h-h heart beat
try to stop me if you want to but you know
you don’t want to so don’t do it,
dont ruin the moment I put me and you in

Its the start of the new year baby, baby yeah
and I know what to do with it baby baby yeah
Im gonna make your cheeks red when I kiss your neck
girl I’m never leavin cause you are the best baby

Yeah yeah I wanna give you everything
Never feel cause girl you’re comming home with me yeah

5 4 3 2 1 kiss me kiss me

5 4 3 2 1 kiss me kiss me

Its the new year me and you girl yeah know this love is true
I remember when you moved here everything was oh so new and
yeah I promise to be true and i’ll give all my love to you
Jaden Smith is to my right thats the cougar and he’s got a root beer

Uh got friends I called em all
cause 2012 is the year of the love
and we gon’ start it off
we can get a plane today and get a car toma’
we dont do it small at all
no girl tell me what i gotta to do
I can be the beat that you rockin to
I can do anything nothing is impossible especially with you girl
and i never need a new girl
this love is true girl
aye welcome to the crew girl
2012 im so excited
the mayans was lien nobodys dyin’
yeah girl but you knew that
knockin at your door like ‘Who’s That?’
yes I love you, you say true dat
guys they want you I say too bad

Yeah yeah I wanna give you everything
never feel cause girl you’re comming home with me yeah

5 4 3 2 1 kiss me kiss me (x2)

If you got a girl put your hand up
ladies if you got a man put your hands up
if you got a girl put your hand up
ladies if you got a man put your hands up

girl 2012 is the year to be better stronger
closer to the people around you so grab someone special
and just

5 4 3 2 1 kiss me kiss me (x4)


Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith in Swagboots

Woah look at these boots JB and Jaden just got. Maybe Justin is preparing Jaden for a trip to Canada this Christmas? idk but they seem to be really close now. I mean they even dress alike, jean jacket and all.

Justin tweeted:

“Uh oh new @swagboots the world doesn’t know what just hit them haha” – JB

justin bieber ice skating

Justin posted this on his twitvid. Love it when these guys are together.

justin bieber jaden smith ice skating

Justin and Selena can’t get enough of each other! After spending Thanksgiving in Texas with Selena’s family, the couple took a trip up to Park City, Utah with their friend, Jaden Smith.

Fans caught a photo of Justin, 17, Selena, 19, and Jaden, 13, ice skating at Park City Mountain Resort and HollywoodLife spoke exclusively to a source at the resort, who confirmed the photo was taken there.

Another source tells us, “Jaden was doing some crazy one-legged stuff, I guess he really thinks he is the Karate Kid. They were laughing and joking with each other. Justin joked with Selena and tried to do a doubles routine at one point. It was all very playful. Everyone was in super great moods.”

Jaden’s dad, Will Smith, owns a mansion in a swanky area called The Colony, so we imagine the group is staying there. All of the homes are ski in and ski out and range from a whopping $7-$20 million.

Justin also tweeted Nov. 29, “@officialjaden is such a #beast.”

Selena recently admitted in an interview she’s taking some time off right now to relax and recuperate, so what better way to spend it than with her boyfriend?

Stay tuned for all the info about Justin, Selena and Jaden’s fun snow trip up north!