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A few days ago I posted a live stream video of what appeared to be a sleeping Justin Bieber. Man I gotta tell you he looked so real (especially when he he puts his head on the pillow) that I got fooled. I really thought it was really JB until someone told me it was some guy name Jamie Laou from Australia.

Well after finding out I decided to leave the video up for a while just to shock you guys and I know some of you were pretty shocked when the site loaded up that day.

Anyways, just came across this video and I had a really good laugh. I guess Jamie also knows the looks most like Bieber when he’s “sleeping” because he did this video 2 months ago. Here he is on Chat Roulette pretending to be a sleeping Justin Bieber. The dude is hilarious. And so is that girl at the end.

Here is his Youtube channel and Twitter.