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Justin wanted this dad’s side of the family to have a comfortable life in Canada and has bought dad Jeremy a house in Ontario.

“Justin wants to make sure his half-brother and half-sister are living in a really nice home.” a source told TMZ.

The property is a five- bedroom cabin-style home located in the Canadian wilderness in a small town with a population of 8,000.

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justin-bieber-chile-airport-arrival-nov2013-03Justin and his family where spotted arriving in Santiago, Chile on their private jet earlier today (November 11, 2013).


justin-bieber-family-argentina-2013-02“Love u sis”

justin-bieber-family-argentina-2013-0“U 2 bro”

jaxon-bieber-family-argentina-2013-01“Love u lil buddy”

justin-bieber-family-argentina-2013-03Justin’s posted pics of his family on Instagram. Nice to see the whole family together in Argentina.


too cute

justin bieber’s brother jaxon bieber

Justin Bieber’s Family Photoshoot Pictures March 2012

justin bieber brother sister instagram

Justin seems to be spending a lot of him with his family lately. He just posted some really cute pictures of Jaxon and Jazmyn today.

“I miss u”

"Miss u too Jaxo"

“The homies”

jaxon justin bieber selena gomez 2012

I guess we can now confirm he isn’t in Stratford lol.

Justin and Selena Gomez brought Jaxon (and Jazmyn) out for lunch at the Benihana Japanese restaurant today (Feb 18, 2012) in Los Angeles.