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Just wanted everyone to know that we added an Instagram gallery page to the site where you can find Justin’s latest Instagram pictures and videos. You can find it under “Pictures” in the top navigation menu or click here.


The Shrine Poll Results

Poll #1: Ended Feb 18, 2010
Wow, his hair seems to be really popular. No wonder I’ve 
been noticing more guys at my school with the Swoosh.
Poll #2: Ended March 9, 2010
I completely agree with you guys. Justin is funny, 
sweet, adorable, and has the best personality ever!

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Please people stop getting so mad at me!

Hello. I would like to tell you that everything you said about Justin coming to Australia on April 25th, was false, I have spoken to one of the Justin Bieber-Australian Leaders and they said if it was true, they would have found out first. Even if he was, the crew would have told us. So really, I find that really annoying, stupid and inconsiderate that you got millions of peoples hopes up just to bring them down and make them upset. I hope your happy. K? Bye.

wow, april 10 is a tuesday you idiots RT @JBShrine Just posted! Justin Bieber to perform on Saturday Night Live http://bit.ly/xNSnyl…

I have already told you guys last week what was happening and why. If you are confused which posts are new and which are old ones being reposted while the site is being updated then look under the title. If it says my name DAISY then it’s a brand new post. If it says ADMIN then it’s an old repost.

Sorry for the confusion. So to confirm Justin will not be on SNL on April 10th (but he will host later this year sometime) and Justin will not be touring Australia in April. Both these posts were from 2010. OK? I can’t believe how this news is blowing up on Twitter and Facebook.

chris brown justin bieber 2012

JBShrine needs to be updated

Hi guys,

The site needs to do a bit of a refresh. I should have done that last year when we moved from justinbiebershrine.blogspot.com to thejustinbiebershrine.com but I didn’t know.

Anyways the site will be reposting some really old posts because for some reason these 600+ posts are not yet included on the new site. So until further notice the site will be reposting some really random old posts. Sorry for any confusion. I don’t know how this works cuz I’ve never done it before. Hope things will be back to normal soon.

Speaking of refresh. I was thinking Shrine needs a new design or layout. So just wondering…

Oh and if you have any comments for me or suggestions for the site please feel free to leave a comment below.


new justin bieber drawing jbshrine

Welcome back to JBShrine

Miss me? lol. Ok I know you only miss the Bieber udpates.

Sorry. The site hasn’t been updated for a week because I was banned from the using the internet until my finals were over. The good news is finals are OVERS!

So I know I probably missed a lot of stuff so I’ll try to only post the important stuff until I’m caught up. If there is anything you think I missed or I should post please leave me a comment below, on Facebook, or tweet me.

Thanks and sorry all,

justin bieber new glasses 2011


Found out about an hour ago that Shrine was hacked for about 7 hours this morning. People coming to the site from Google, Yahoo etc were taken to a site that contained a virus. Our website has now been fixed except Google thinks we have a virus because it still thinks this site is the hacker’s site. We have written to Google so hopefully everything can get back to normal soon. So if you’re worried about getting a virus from this site, don’t be. I guarantee you we do not have any viruses on this website.

Also, expect updates to be more frequent now. My summer jobs are over and I found a way to update the site from school. haha.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, got a hot tip or just wanna say hi feel free to leave a message in the Contact Us page, or tweet @JBShrine, or email me. I’ll probably reply right away. (Class is boring so it’s fun to get random messages from Shrine readers.) And if the site is hacked again please let me know right away. Please!

Well have a good day everyone!



justin bieber selena gomez arlington texas 2011

If you were feeling a little swoonier than usual this holiday weekend, it could be an airborne case of Bieber fever. The Bieb was eyeballed out and about in Arlington with his current old lady Selena Gomez. They were at Six Flags on Saturday and The Parks Mall on Sunday.

The Justin Bieber Shrine Fansite Blog has super-excellent photos of the twosome, and all the controversy that goes with their not-at-all-manufactured romance. The burning question among commenters seems to be: Is Selena just using Justin to earn more fame?

The responses range from “she’s getting to be known as the biggest star all because of justin. don’t get mad at me its just my opinion” to “omg she’s not using him they really love each other” to the truly unnerving “hes like makeing me hate him now wow what a jerk and slutlena oops I mean selena is such a whore.”


Yay! Love it when JBShrine is featured on other sites. <333 Who wrote these comments? lol (Brianna & Ashley who are you?)